What You Should Know about Competitive Vaping

What You Should Know about Competitive Vaping

**Disclaimer: All vaping products are meant for adult consumers, please use products responsibly**

Have you ever heard of competitive vaping? If you thought vaping was just about taking a deep, soothing, and relaxing puff with your friends, think again. There's a whole world of artistry and creativity with vaping, where elaborate cloud chasing and visual spectacles have taken center stage.

Recently the art of vaping has made its way to center stage with vape contests. So there's never been a better time to join the excitement and even participate in the fun. 

This article is intended to give readers a deeper, more accurate understanding of what competitive vaping is, how it works, and more. Grab your last vape mod and start practicing to devise vape stunts that will blow away the competition.

Understanding the Rules of Competitive Vaping

Just like other sports, competitive vaping has several parameters according to which each performance is judged. Despite being a relatively new sport, there are two primary categories in which each performance is scored:

  • technicality 
  • originality


Technicality involves utilizing the latest mods and techniques to create astonishing feats of vaping. Some of the newest vaping devices have been using more than stock products. Instead, competitive vapers use custom-built vaping gear made with stainless steel, silver, and other precious metals to manipulate clouds to new heights. 

Technicality also displays the effort it takes to perform tricks that take hours of perfecting in front of a live audience. Essentially, the more difficult it is to perform, the higher it is graded.


Originality is far more subjective but pushes the envelope of what's possible. Like how the Michael Jordan-era of basketball ushered in the modern era of star power in basketball, every competitive vaper redefines how viewers appreciate the sport. Competitors use their unique style and flair and creative e-juice mods to expand the possibilities and stimulate the imagination of viewers.

Obstacles to a Successful Performance

One crucial factor that affects competitive vaping is airflow in the room. When there is too much airflow caused by ventilation or fans, competitors may have to find workarounds to avoid vape clouds that are difficult to manipulate or appear lifeless. The skill of the competitor is on display to compensate for this factor.

Another critical factor is the quality of e-juice used. Competitive vapers use e-juice with an extremely high VG (vegetable glycerin) content. The higher the VG content of your juice is, the more thicker and manipulable your vape clouds will be during the competition. Be aware that some competitions may begin standardizing the types of e-juice that contestants can use to make each performance more focused on the vaper's quality and skill.

Why Is Competitive Vaping So Popular?


The appeal of the sport of competitive vaping is based on the great fun and showmanship that comes from manipulating e-juice, combined with a vibrant crowd of fans that enjoy this vaping.


There is a camaraderie that comes with being a member of the competitive cloud chasing community. Every vaper has something unique and one-of-a-kind to offer to the judges and audiences, authentically promoting the sport.


Of course, this comes with some upsides and downsides. First, every performer brings something unique to the table - just as every cloud is unique, so is every cloud-chasing performance. Second, competitive vaping motivates each performer to push the limits and create new tricks never seen before.


Third, there's a low barrier to entry for those who love cloud chasing. Virtually anyone who has the right mods and penchant for performance can enter. Being a relatively new sport, it's still the Wild West - which may change in the coming years.

However, the downside of competitive vaping is that participants are judged on a subjective basis. With only a handful of standards to judge contestants' skill, winners have to display unforgettable talent that few viewers can disagree with who is the clear winner.

That's why understanding what judges and the competitive vaping community are looking for is essential to become a winner.

The Rules of Competitive Vaping

As mentioned before, the rules for competitive vaping are not set in stone. Basically, each competition pits contestants against one another to produce clouds that showcase their technical abilities and original artistry. 

In most formal competitions, vapers stand with their backs to one another, and each blow a cloud of vapor. A judging assistant measures the clouds with a yardstick and whoever blows a larger vape cloud moves on in the competition, while the other competitor is eliminated. As a result, those with the largest lung capacity are clear winners for this part of the contest.

Other contests focus on extreme vaping, where competitors perform out-of-the-box tricks to wow audiences and judges alike. Typically, these vape stunts are judged on the difficulty of the trick and by exploring the frontiers of competitive vaping.

So just as a recap, no two completions are the same. Reading the rules and regulations for each competition is a must. Before registering for a competition, pay attention to what won the judges over in past contests. Then try to replicate that success by building on past winning performances. 

Understanding the World of Competitive Vaping

Vaping competitions are a worldwide phenomenon. While many believe that vaping competitions have only been held in the United States, the reality is that the contests take place wherever vaping is popular. For example, two of the most popular countries for competitive vaping include the United Kingdom and Canada.

Perhaps the most renowned festival with international appeal is the International Cloud Championship. It takes place annually in the sunny state of California and is regarded for its fierce competition and jaw-dropping stunts. 

One of the International Cloud Chasing Championship plot twists occurred in 2014. During that contest, competitors were required to prepare their builds with only ten minutes of prep before hitting the stage. It's surprises like these that make the sport so compelling and addictive to watch.

Another major event in the vape world is the World Series of Vaping. It is the most prestigious event that has seen competitions held in such countries as Russia in 2016 with performers from around the world.

Of course, cash and prizes are awarded to the best performers for various categories - and plenty of swag to go around. Competitors should be excited to take home a plethora of mods, e-juice, t-shirts, and maybe even a sponsorship deal. The possibilities are well worth the price of admission for top-performers.

Tricks are the Treat of Competitive Vaping

Now that you're aware of how competitive vaping events work and what makes them so appealing on the world stage let's look at what everyone loves about the sport: vape tricks.

Competition features tricks as part of the main event, where vape innovators display their talents to inspire future generations of this emerging sport. It naturally encourages future performers, so you may be wondering what you need to do to make your mark in the vape community.

Think about which vaping tricks you enjoy the most. It can often be the first trick you've seen that made you want to get involved in competitive vaping. 

It's also helpful to do your own research on the most popular vape tricks out there. Here we present you with some of the most common tricks and a quick guide on pulling them off. 

Some of the most common and impressive vaping tricks out there

  • Vape bending 
  1. Blow out a thick vapor ring.
  2. As the ring lingers, move your hand gently behind it and coax the "O" down with the air your hand is pushing.
  • The triangle
  1. Take a drag from your vaporizer. Then keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and to the back of your throat.
  2. Make an O with your lips and blow a small amount of vapor out of your mouth.
  3. Now blow a mildly dense ring and push it gently with your hand.
  4. Quickly tap the ring down on the side to bend it into a triangle. You could use your two hands if you are comfortable with it. 
  • The ghost - one of the most standard tricks, but it can still take some skills to pull off.
  1. As for every trick, take a deep puff of your vaporizer.
  2. Slowly, very slowly, lower your bottom jaw and gently blow out some vapor.
  3. Now straight away, inhale that vapor through your nose.
  4. That's it! Congratulations! You've created a vapor ghost!
  • The jellyfish, or mushroom cloud
  1. Again, take a good and deep hit of vapor from your device.
  2. Blow a thick and rather large O-ring, using the same techniques shown above in the other tricks.
  3. Now take another quick hit from your vapor device and blow into the previously created O-ring to achieve the jellyfish effect. 
  • Shark bends
  1. First, there are two ways you can do the shark bends, with your hand or with your head.
  2. Take a deep hit from your vapor device.
  3. Blow out an O-ring with a bit of strength and follow it
  4. If you use the hand method, push the ring either to the left or right gently from the side to make it turn and change course. If you're right-handed, you might want to make it veer left, and vice-versa.
  • The bane inhale
  1. Take a hit and store the vapor in your cheeks like a hamster
  2. Push your lower jaw forward slowly and join your lower teeth with your upper lip.
  3. Quickly push the vapor out using your cheeks and inhale from your nose at the same time. 
  • The bull ring
  1. As usual, take a deep hit from your vapor device.
  2. Blow a thick medium-sized O-ring.
  3. Right after that, inhale the top part of your ring with your nostrils.
  4. To add dramatism to the trick, you can repeat step three but run behind the ring and inhale the ring's top part with your nostrils. That will give the illusion of a bull's ring. 


  • The lasso is one of the most advanced and impressive tricks. It's probably easier to see it done on a YouTube video. Just key in words for "lasso vape trick," and you'll have a plethora of vaping experts showing you how to pull off this cool vaping trick.
  • Double O's
  1. Take a deep hit from your vapor device.
  2. Prepare as if you were going to blow out a single ring but place your index finger vertically across your lips, from the chin up to the tip of your nose, like dividing the mouth into two parts. Make sure your index finger is centered correctly. Otherwise, one ring is going to come out bigger than the other.
  3. Now just gently blow out the vapor, and you will have produced two beautifully symmetric O-rings. 
  • Triple O's - once you've successfully pulled off the double rings, try the triple rings.
  1. Same as step one above, take a hit from your device.
  2. Instead of placing just your index finger as in the double ring trick, you will have to place your index and middle finger to make a peace sign over your rounded lips. 
  3. Depending on the size of your mouth, you will probably have to open up your lips a bit or bring your fingers a sightly closer together to achieve some symmetry.
  4. Now just blow some vapor out, and hopefully, you will have mastered the triple O-ring trick, and all your friends' jaws will drop in awe.

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can help you perfect your skills from competitive vaping experts and amateurs alike.

Once you have a few vape tricks under your belt, it's time to link them together, more commonly known as "combos. " Combos are linked tricks that are performed in succession and seamlessly blend one stunt with the next. The transitions can build on one another, such as creating a jellyfish and following it with a shark bend. Or, you may want to show off your entire repertoire to impress the judges on your mastery of cloud chasing.

Don't forget that competitive vapers are not created overnight. Deep practice and repetition are crucial to separate weekend vapers from seasoned performers that deserve to be on the world stage.

Creating Giant Vape Clouds

Tricks are great fun, but competitive vaping's real fun comes with creating enormous vape clouds that boggle viewers' minds. 

Having enormous lung capacity is a must, so be sure to learn proper breathing techniques, like breathing from your diaphragm and not your chest. For those that play a brass or woodwind instrument, this will be second-nature.

Next, find a low-resistance sub-ohm tank to use for your clouds. It provides the competitive vaper with less air resistance and more vapor, resulting in thick clouds of staggering volume.

Mods are, of course, a substantial part of every performer's success. Make sure to find a mod with temperature control. It prevents your wick from overheating and ensures that thickest clouds without malfunction.

Where are these vaping competitions held? 

More and more vaping competitions popping up around the world as the vaping culture is becoming more widespread. It all depends on your level of expertise, and, of course, your budget, as traveling abroad for a competition can be a bit on the steep side of affordability. However, if you're quite a seasoned vaper, you might already have more insight than most rookies and perhaps know more details about how to sign up for a vaping competition with quite some ease.

VC Cloud Chasing Championship, hosted by Vapor Capitol, has attracted thousands of participants and the general public for the last several years. In the USA, Vape Capitol hosts a tour every year in major states like California, Texas, Florida, etc. 

Competitions take place at the most popular vape lounges in these states, and there are practically no limits as to the number of people who can attend these events. The grand final of this championship is held in California. In Orange County, to be more precise. 

Tips to succeed at competitive vaping 

Choose a high VG low PG E-juice. 

The higher the VG to PG ratio, the thicker the clouds you'll blow. So if you have the chance to procure your own e-juice, don't forget this ratio.

High Wattage Mod Builds

Make sure you get your hands on a mod that's built with extremely conductive materials. Most copper mechanical builds offer very high conductivity, which translates into massive amounts of thick and dense clouds. Also, make sure you keep a powerful and supercharged battery because those cumulus nimbus you'll be blowing with suck up a lot of wattage from it. 

Just do some research, and maybe ask your fellow vape tricksters for advice regarding their vape and builds. It goes without saying that you should always follow your manufacturer's recommendations.

Start with the basic vape tricks before attempting anything more complex.

Remember the old saying? Goes something like, "you gotta walk before you can run." The same applies to competitive vaping or any other activity or hobby you take on. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that teach you the basics, and from there, you can build upon the previous trick. 

If you have puffing buddies who are a tad more seasoned and experienced than you, hang out with them and ask them to teach you how to do their tricks. Don't forget to get them a beer afterward. Once you build a decent size portfolio of cool vaping tricks, it is time to take your newly acquired skills to the next level: a Vaping Championship. 

Work on your breathing technique

Perhaps one of the most critical skills in a vaping competition is your lung capacity. Practice your breathing technique daily. Get some tips and tricks from the plethora of resources available online. Remember that having large lungs will make you produce massive clouds of vapor and will get you closer and closer to winning that vaping championship you so many times have dreamed of taking part in.

Get creative and practice new tricks as often as you can 

No matter how good your vaping device is, how sweet your e-juice is, how massive your lung capacity is, if you don't try new tricks, you won't be able to reap the benefits of your hard efforts. Try blowing some vapor into a soap bubble, for example. You can also try and dye your e-juices in different colors to create rainbow style clouds. There are so many cool tricks out there to learn and impress the audience and your friends too. So get vaping and get cloud chasing. 

A Quick Guide to Vape Builds

Vape builds are the x-factor that separates the amateurs from the serious competitive vapers. While this is beyond the scope of this article, here's what you should keep in mind:

  • Airflow is crucial for stunning vape clouds, so make sure your device is built with your posture and breath-control in mind.
  • Tips play an essential part in builds, so avoid drip tips. Without a drip tip, you can wrap your mouth around the vape easier and inhale at maximum capacity without impediment. You'll find that most competitive vapers use wide bore tips for maximum airflow and the densest clouds possible.
  • Your wire is also an important part of the build. Choose a wire gauge below 24g. It lowers the resistance versus other wire gauges, and you'll be able to vape easier - especially during the heat of competition.


Now that you have learned quite a bit about competitive vaping, and some really cool tricks, it is time to take your skills and knowledge to the world stage. Good luck! Enjoy impressing everyone with your dense clouds, stunning visuals, and show-stopping flair. May the vape be with you!