How to Find Your Best Vape Setup for Flavors?

How to Find Your Best Vape Setup for Flavors?

**Disclaimer: All vaping products are meant for adult consumers. Please use products responsibly**

Some people think of vaping as an alternative to smoking. They just love vaping because of the puffy vapor clouds they can produce. Taste and flavor are also among the top reasons people choose to vape rather than or in addition to smoking.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are curious as to how to find your best vape set up for flavors

Flavor does indeed matter. A good reason why many people choose to vape over smoking is the vast array of aromatic, fruity, and sweet flavors that you can enjoy with every hit. Similar to when we choose a dessert at a restaurant for that lovely and relaxing sensation in your taste buds, indulging in the many different e-juice flavors out there is something that we should not overlook when it comes to vaping. 

Some vaping pros like to mix up different e-juices to achieve a desired and custom flavor, which will definitely lead to an enjoyable vaping experience. Blowing out huge vape clouds is, without a doubt, a very satisfying outcome of vaping, but if the taste isn’t right, it won’t render the most fulfilling experience. 

Here are some main points that this article will cover: 

  1. How to pick your coils and tanks
  2. How to set up your airflow to optimize the flavors
  3. How to choose the best e-juice for flavors
  4. How to find the right vape wattage for flavors 
  5. Vaper’s tongue and flavor fatigue
  6. How to choose the right nicotine level for flavors 

To get the most flavor, pick your vape coils and tanks meticulously.


Believe it or not, vape coils have a considerable effect on the flavor. Some vape coils will be best for creating colossal vape clouds, but other coils are better for palatable hits. 

The type of vape coil you choose will significantly impact the flavor you get out of your device. Pod style e-cigarettes are great for beginners. But you may want to think twice about these pod-style vape devices because they aren’t generally the most efficient and ideal at producing the best flavor. Of course, there are many different pods out there, and some may be better than others at producing great flavor, but they generally leave a lot to be desired if you are serious about your vaping experiences. 

If you are after a rich flavor, consider getting a sub-ohm tank. Sub-ohm tanks like the Fireluke 2 are ideal for the best flavor experience thanks to their low resistance coils (hence the name “sub-ohm”). These tanks will produce not only beautiful puffy and billowing vapor clouds but will enhance the pungence of your flavors to mesmerizing levels. 

When picking a vape coil, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the surface area. More surface area in the vape coils translates into a more succulent flavor. The main reason for this assertion is pure physics. We won’t get into the technicalities here, but we can assure you that a greater coil area means you can vaporize more e-juice at every hit. 

Make sure you select a coil with more twists and turns, which will result in rich flavor with every hit. You will need to try and test a variety of vape coils until you achieve the best results.

Limit the airflow in your vaping device to optimize the flavor 

By limiting the airflow of your vaping device, you will be able to optimize your flavor. But don’t shut it off entirely because you won’t achieve enough vapor production. As a result, it could ruin your whole vaping experience. Secondly, the bore of the coil is essential too. Its size will significantly affect your results. A smaller bore coil combined with a smaller chamber complement each other in restricting airflow. 

  • Close off the airflow. For those who prioritize flavor over blowing out immense vapor clouds, the best approach is to close off the airflow. By limiting the airflow, you can produce a warmer and denser vape that outputs a lot more flavor. Atomizers with adjustable airflow systems allow you to achieve these results much more effectively.
  • Find the right balance. As with most things in life, achieving the right balance yields the best results. Therefore, you must be careful not to close off the airflow too much. Otherwise, you will produce poorer vapor, and the resulting vapor might be too hot. 
  • Start low with your power settings. Start low with your power settings and gradually adjust them until you get to your ideal balance for the desired flavors. 
  • Consider the atomizer’s head bore size. If a bore’s diameter is too wide, it can result in a harsh hit to the throat. The same applies to rebuildable atomizers with a large chamber. It may be wiser to choose smaller bore coils and smaller chambers to compensate for the restricted airflow. The choice is yours. 

Use e-juices with higher PG content.

The PG/VG ratio in e-juices is crucial for an optimal flavor setup. PG, which stands for propylene glycol, and VG, which stands for vegetable glycol, are present in every e-juice, in variable ratios. 

As we want to achieve the best setup for flavor, we have to choose the components mentioned above’ right ratio. For the best flavor experience, it is imperative to select a higher PG to VG ratio e-juice. A higher PG content will result in the flavor hitting your throat a bit harder, which you may not find very pleasant. Many vapers prefer to go for a 50/50 ratio for a balanced mix of flavor and vapor clouds. 

VG helps in vapor production, which translates into more flavorings being vaporized. As a result, more of the desired flavor comes out into the surrounding air. You will have to play around with the ratio to achieve the best flavor. 

Both VG and PG have their benefits, so the outcome boils down to your personal preferences and the composition of your vaping device. You won’t need much PG in the mix to obtain a flavorsome experience if you are using a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable one.

Above, we mentioned that lots of vapers go for a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, but in recent years the industry standard has been tending towards a 70/30 VG to PG ratio. 

If you own a pod-style device, then the outcome might be quite different than expected, resulting in a much lower vapor production. Consequently, you will have a much more reduced effect, even using higher VG juices. 

Look after your device and its parts.

As with any device you own, from your phone to your car, maintenance of your vaping device is vital to get the most out of it. Proper care for your vaping device prolongs its lifespan so that it can produce fantastic flavors for a very long time. 

  • Keep your wick and coil clean. Always make sure your wick and coil are kept clean. You don’t necessarily have to change the vape coil and wick every time you are done vaping for the day. However, you may want to make it a habit to check them often to gauge their effectiveness. 
  • Change your wick often. If you vape daily, you should ideally change the wick every couple of days. When you change the wick and coil, ensure to give the atomizer a good rinse. As a result, it will help enhance the flavor of your e-juice the next time you take a hit. 
  • Rinse your vape atomizer. Make sure you rinse your vape atomizer often with hot water and allow it to thoroughly dry before you put it all back together for your next hit. 
  • Ensure that your vape tank is well maintained. Another essential part of your vaping device that should not be left without maintenance is the vape tank. Tanks, like most parts of your vaping device, have a limited lifespan. Gunk builds up in the coils, plastic parts may crack, mouthpieces will build up unwanted material on them, and regular wear and tear of all components.

Some vapers may argue that, for instance, cleaning the vape coils is a waste of time, but cleaning the coils often will definitely render a much more pleasant experience and keep those flavors fruity, fresh and sweet for weeks and months. 

Bottom line, take some time every few days to clean and maintain your vaping device and its components. 

Store your e-juices safely

Heat, light, and air are the worst enemies of e-juices. Heat accelerates the chemical interactions between the molecules, resulting in more energy. As a result, the molecules can mix with other ingredients and or break down into smaller components. The flavors of your e-juices will be significantly affected if you store the e-juices in a hot place. You’ve been warned. 

What about light and air? It all comes down to physics and chemistry. We won’t get into much detail because we aren’t scientists, and it is also way out of the article’s scope. However,  it all boils down to the effect of UV light and oxygen on nicotine. See, when oxygen and nicotine start dancing together, cotinine is produced from this encounter. You might be more familiar with the term “oxidation.” It involves the loss of two hydrogen atoms. In the meantime, gaining an oxygen atom and the UV light accelerate this process by supplying it with the energy necessary to carry out this chemical reaction. 

Full oxygen avoidance is practically impossible, considering that any bottles of e-juice do contain a small amount of air between the liquid and the cap. But keeping them air-tight and away from light should suffice in retaining freshness and, above all, flavor. 

As we mentioned, e-juices can lose their flavor if you don’t store them properly. Most vapers buy a whole bunch of e-juices and use them as they please. But you must know that the longer you store the juice, the more flavor it will lose, especially if you don’t store it properly. Make sure you keep the e-juice away from light and heat while also limiting exposure to air.

Sometimes you will need to “steep” the liquid, so you should make sure to store it in a place that is cool and dark. You will need to shake the e-juice bottle from time to time. The e-juice will also need to breathe occasionally, so open the bottle’s cap for a short time.

Choose a Narrow Drip Tip

If you thought your drip tip couldn’t influence the flavor you get, think again. Because it actually does. Most modern vape tank atomizers tend to come with large-bore drip tips. These large-bore drip tips tend to produce a lot more of an airier vape, albeit good for cool vaping tricks and fluffy cloud production. If you’ve already got a tank or atomizer with a large bore drip tip, try changing it for a narrower one to enhance your flavor. 

Large-bore drip tips are wider and create a light and airy vapor. It makes them ideal for cloud-chasers looking to pull off the coolest tricks and amazing, jaw-dropping cumulonimbi.

But all the extra vapor from a wide-bore drip-tip dilutes the flavor of your e-juices. Changing your mod's drip tip can significantly enhance the flavor.

A narrow drip tip won't necessarily produce huge fluffy clouds. But you will get the most intense flavor out of each puff. Experiment with various drip tip sizes and find the most appropriate setup for your best enjoyment. 

Find the Right Vape Wattage

The different settings in your device affect the outcome of varying flavor elements in your e-juice. The vaporization of specific flavorings at different temperatures causes it, and your settings (in combination with your coil’s resistance) regulate the final temperature of your vape coils. For flavor-chasers, this is the primary benefit of having a variable voltage/variable wattage vaping device.

The right wattage makes a massive difference in the resulting flavor. So, at first, make sure what the manufacturer’s recommended wattage settings are for your vaping device and try not to go over that. As a rule, we recommend starting with a lower wattage and keep boosting up the wattage gradually until you reach the desired flavor intensity. 

With the vast array of different e-juices to choose from out there, it can be a daunting task to get to the sweet spot. But patience and consistency pay off. Some flavors bring out their best at different wattages, so keep experimenting. Be careful not to go overboard with the wattage, or you could cause some damage to your vaping device. 

Don’t underestimate the material of your vape coils and wicks. 

The material your wicks are made of can impact your flavor tremendously. There are currently several types of materials used to produce vape wicks: 

  1. The standard for vaping devices used to be silica wicks, but this material has proven to blunt your e-juice flavor. The new player in the field now is cotton. A significant number of vapers these days have adopted cotton wicks as their preferred choice. Cotton wicks don’t impair the release of rick flavors with every hit. 
  2. Tea-cotton is the latest trend going around in the industry. Vapers around the world are reporting great benefits in flavor by using this material. Longevity is another key benefit of this material. Tea-cotton seems to maintain the flavor quite well even after several tanks of e-juice. 
  3. Japanese organic cotton is also another newest trend. It is now one of the most preferred wick materials worldwide, and it comes as standard on many coils. 
  4. There are also ceramic wicks, which are making quite a comeback in recent years. They are not only resistant to heat, but some vapers report they produce great flavor too. 

The options are there for you to explore, but any high-quality cotton or ceramic wick will produce exquisite flavors. 

But not just the wick is crucial to produce outstanding flavor. You should also think seriously about the wire, which is a super important part of your vaping experience. The iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, also known as Kanthal, is used in a wide range of high-temperature applications. It is still one of the most popular coil materials in the industry, which gets a great, clean, and natural flavor from your e-juice. 

New vape coil types have also entered the market in recent years. Temperature control technology is another critical player in the vaping industry. These coils are usually made from nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. Nickel and Kanthal are effective in producing good flavor. However, stainless steel and aluminum can create a slightly more metallic aftertaste. 

If you feel your flavor is not up to your expectations after switching to a temperature control system, you might direct the blame to your vape coil material. 

Vaper’s Tongue and Flavor Fatigue

Vaper’s tongue can be defined as the gradual accustomization to a particular flavor over time. It can lead to a consistent drop in satisfaction generated by continuously vaping on the same flavor day in and day out. 

So what can you do to overcome flavor fatigue, aka vapor’s tongue? Here are some tips: 

  • Start trying different flavors every so often. However, the effectiveness of this approach doesn’t entirely eliminate flavor fatigue. 
  • Complement changing flavors with another straightforward strategy: drinking lots of fluids—mostly water. As we mentioned before, a high PG to VG ratio is critical in achieving a pleasing flavor. However, PG or propylene glycol is a humectant. As a result, it absorbs your body’s liquids to create vapor. This process leads to some degree of dehydration, so we strongly recommend constant water consumption to prevent getting dehydrated. 

Choosing the right nicotine level of your e-juice - Or nicotine-free e-juices

If you’ve never smoked before or have smoked a small amount of cigarettes, you should maybe avoid buying e-juices with nicotine as it will definitely affect the flavor of your hits. E-juices come in a plethora of flavors, and they also come with varying levels of nicotine, but many of them also come without any nicotine. 

Most e-juices have nicotine concentrations of between 3mg to 6mg. If you want a mild nicotine hit without compromising in flavor, you should always try getting the lowest concentration from your e-juice supplier.

There are also nicotine salts. It is a relatively new product in the industry. Nicotine salts generally provide a higher concentration of nicotine without compromising in flavor. However, nicotine salts are not recommended to be used in high wattage devices. It means that if your goal is to blow out huge billowing clouds with every hit, you may want to reconsider your choice. 

As I mentioned above, nicotine salts have a much higher concentration of nicotine than that contained in e-juices, so a higher wattage device packed with nicotine salts will result in a much higher intake of nicotine, which may not be a very healthy idea. 

Nicotine concentrations in salts can be up to 50mg (compared to 3 to 6mg in e-juices. That’s a massive difference). 

Final thoughts on how to find your best vape set up for flavors 

Now that we’ve provided you with a comprehensive list of tips and advice to get the most out of your e-juices potent flavors. 

  • Get the right coils and tanks and all the other components that make up a great vaping gear to start indulging in the pleasures of vaping. 
  • But remember that it’s not just about choosing the right parts and components for your vaping device. It is equally important how you use it and maintain it. A suitable vaping device that is properly maintained will yield the most pleasing results. Proper maintenance will not only prolong the lifespan of your vaping device and its individual parts, but it will encourage you to be more disciplined and take your vaping to the next level.
  • Keep in mind that if you’re after achieving the most pleasurable taste experience, you must consider changing your wicks, cleaning your coil, vape tank, and mouthpiece consistently throughout the life of your vaping device. 

All the above tips will help you find the right setup to maximize flavor in your vaping devices. But there is still so much more to learn and so much more wick to burn in the path to achieving the perfect taste from your vaping device. 

Happy vaping!